Data Upload

This page provides details of how data can be onboarded to the Lumiata Health AI Platform.

sFTP Introduction

Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) is the most commonly supported data transfer used in healthcare to keep PHI data secure and to stay compliant with HIPAA requirements. Many of our healthcare customers use sFTP as their primary way of transferring data between their organization and ours.

Customer's sFTP

Many of our customers would prefer that Lumiata fetch their data from the customer’s designated sFTP server. Our customers provide us with a secure username and password. To do this, just email your credentials to [email protected] Also, please ensure that our IP address has been whitelisted to ensure proper authorization.

Using secure and encrypted emails, please send the following details:

Email 1:

  • Host URL
  • User ID
  • Port

Email 2:

  • Password

Lumiata's sFTP

We are well prepared to have our customers load their data onto our sFTP server using a secure connection. Please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Your organization’s IP address to have it whitelisted
  • Email address of the person who will be sending the data, typically this is the IT Security personnel or a Data Engineer

Shortly afterwards, you will receive a welcome email from Lumiata Health AI Platform. Open this link and follow the instructions to set-up your account. To comply with HIPAA requirements, we require that a two-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism be enabled to access the platform. We use DUO for 2FA.

Once an account and 2FA has been established, you are now able to access the instructions for uploading data to our sFTP server.

Click on Explore under Healthcare Data Management:

Click on a data name under the Data Group Name list:

Click on the Raw Data tab to access the URL, username, and password for the site:

Using a sFTP client, you can upload the raw data files. Options for sFTP clients include:

  • Cyberduck
  • Filezilla
  • Solar-PuTTY
  • WinSCP

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