Jupyter Notebook

For advanced Data Scientists with experience in Python, Lumiata has enabled Jupyter Notebooks for freedom and flexibility in building models.

  • From the Dashboard, click on Lightning AI Model Builder.
  • From there, click on Launch under JupyterHub.
  • This will launch into a JupyterHub where you can access pre-configured notebooks or access a new notebook.

Pre-Configured Notebooks

To access pre-configured notebooks, click on notebooks in the home page of JupyterHub. Here, you'll see three notebooks that Lumiata has pre-configured:

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Feature Creation
  3. Model Creation

Click on the notebook name to access the notebook and explore the information inside. We recommend that if you want to play around with these pre-configured notebooks, you first make a copy of the notebook by going to File > Make a Copy.

New Notebooks

You can also launch a brand new notebook by clicking on New in the top right corner to access a notebook of your preference.

Once you launch a new notebook, you can import any library you would like, whether it's a Lumiata library or a 3rd party library.

Learn how to conduct your initial data analysis in a Jupyter Notebook in the following video:

Learn how to train your own model in a Jupyter Notebook in the following video:

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