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Lumiata is reshaping the healthcare enterprise at scale through the application of AI, bringing predictive power within the reach of business leaders and data science teams. We're empowering providers, payers, and health tech workers with the tools to reduce risk, manage costs, and move away from a reliance on flat data and into a future of insights for core business functions.

Lumiata data science productivity tools and pre-trained models comprise a scalable platform, purpose-built for healthcare, and generated from more than 120 million patient records, in-depth clinical knowledge, and Lumiata's proprietary disease codes. This platform allows our partners to explore underwriting and care management use cases through comprehensive data preparation and the creation of customized predictive models — all deployed and monitored through a single solution.

The platform is extensible and scalable for any size of machine learning task you intend to work on. Built on cloud infrastructure, the platform auto-scales based on the resources needed for the size and complexity of your organization and project.

Lumiata offers:

  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Lightning AI Model Builder
  • Spectrum AI Model Catalog
  • ML Lifecycle Management and Model Serving
  • Predictive Applications and Healthcare Analytics

Join the future of healthcare AI with Lumiata.

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