Healthcare Data Management Overview

The Healthcare Data Management module allows you and other members of your organization to explore your enriched healthcare data in one place. Lumiata transforms your raw data into insightful and usable data for machine learning. Types of data include claims, eligibility, pharmacy, behavioral health, EHR, and more. Your data is transformed from raw data into longitudinal person records or Person360, which provides a historical view of each member’s claims and encounter history.

Lumiata’s differentiator is our ability to enrich the raw data with our proprietary Lumiata Disease Codes, groupers, and lab interpreter functionalities. These functionalities have been built with years of clinical IP. Our customers have access to the enrichment functionality through our data management process.

Data quality is also a key factor in Lumiata’s Data Management module. Raw data is first evaluated for completeness, consistency, and accuracy. In the platform, you will see a complete summary of counts of rows, columns, members, claims, and more to ensure we are working with the right information. Raw data is mapped to fields within Lumiata’s Data Model (LDM). The data is then standardized, normalized, and transformed into longitudinal person records that we call Person360. Person360 gives a user a historical view of a member’s claims, eligibility, pharmacy, and encounter history.

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